Co-host & Editor

Lindsey is a grad student majoring in psychology. Her preferred drink of choice is a Jagerbomb while she edits Luminol Cocktail's weekly recordings. She loves horror and never shys away from the gore of a case.



Co-host & Social media manger

Tiffany is a vet tech where she saves the lives of adorable puppies! She is in charge of Luminol Cocktail's social media accounts. Tiffany loves to go after the husband in her cases and would probably take them down herself faster than she can toss back her tequila shots! 

Luminol Cocktail was no easy feat for these two ladies! Tiffany never imagined herself to be recording weekly episodes on murder and death, but when Lindsey cornered her into this idea she had no choice! Lindsey was bored in quarantine and had nowhere else to turn to for an outlet - she likes to talk about 3 things; horror, true-crime and murder. 

To Lindsey, a true crime podcast made perfect sense, but she needed a co-host to help her carry the show! That's where her friend Tiffany comes in. 

You see, Tiffany and Lindsey weren't the best of friends when they first met. Honestly, if it hadn't been for their boyfriends persuasion to try working out together, they might have never been and thus, Luminol Cocktail would cease to exist! 

They bonded over one thing. Murder. 

After Lindsey coerced Tiffany to try podcasting out because she had the setup for it, they loved it! Only one small thing. These two friends needed a name for their show and something that had some spunk to it too! They didn't only talk murder.


So finally, with the help of others, Luminol Cocktail was brought into the world. Now every week you can hear Tiffany and Lindsey as they dive into cases or topics for another round of Luminol Cocktail

Luminol Cocktail