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This is the place to get all the information on upcoming episodes, podcast updates, and more in depth look at cases we discuss in the previous episodes. We have other places we can be found linked below and monthly true crime blurbs for the month that may be featured on our shot episodes.

Abandoned Home

Cocktail Episodes

Our full length episodes offer a deep dive on themed topics where Lindsey and Tiffany get together to discuss these cases over a few drinks.

Upcoming Episode

This week's shot episode for Luminol Cocktail will be a on the sexual assault allegations against Danny MastersonTo hear this case, listen to episode The Danny Masterson Case which is live August 10th at 9am EST.

The cocktail episode for Luminol Cocktail this week has Tiffany and Lindsey discussing setting fires. Check out our Instagram posts for clues to the topic this week! The episode will be live August 13th at 9am EST.

Cocktail of the Week

Set the New Year on Fire

.75oz fresh lime juice

 1/2 oz simple syrup

 6 mint leaves

2oz 12-year scotch

1/2oz campari

Garnish with flaming lime shell

This full recipe can be found here.

Monthly True Crime Updates

Anna Sorokin (AKA Anna Delvey) is out of prison. Tiffany covers her case in the episode, Political Blunders. Here is the news article covering her recent release.

Weekly Quote

"Arson, after all, is an artifical crime. A large number of houses deserve to be burnt." H. G. Wells

Weekly Fun Fact

Here is a quick history of limes! They are a hybrid citrus fruit with several species of cirtrus trees with fruits called limes such as Persian lime, Key lime and desert lime. Their precise orignin in uncertain, but wild limes are believed to have first grown in Indonesia or Southeast Asia. They are used in lime soup a traditional dish from the Mexican state of Yucatan while lime pickles are an integral part of Indian cuisine. In American dessert, we have the Key lime pie (which Lindsey has never had) and in Australia desert lime is used to make marmalade.