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Angel of Death - Kristen Gilbert

Just in case the episode from today was too confusing due to the unplanned and unorganized collaboration we decided to include a blog post with the details discussed as well as additional links in case what we offered isn't enough. I get it! Sometimes you just got to have more details on a case.

Kristen Gilbert was born on November 13, 1967 in Fall River Massachusetts. She grew up in a well-to-do suburb with her father and mother, Richard and Claudia. Her father was an electronics executive while her mother was a homemaker (someone let Lindsey know what the current/modern term for that title is).

During high school Kristen was a gifted student who graduated from high school at age 16. However, underneath that good student façade was an entirely different person. Kristen would lie habitually to friends and family members. This included a history of making faking suicide attempts and making violent threats against others.

Despite this, Kristen was accepted into college, but that was quickly overshadowed by another fake suicide attempt. Due to this, Kristen was ordered psychiatric treatment by her college officials. She transferred to two other colleges before graduating with a nursing diploma and becoming a registered nurse in 1988.

By 1989, Kristen had been married to Glenn Gilbert, featured in a magazine about her strong leadership abilities with her unit at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Kristen a