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April Balascio

April Balascio’s family moved a lot while she was growing up; her father, Edward, was a handyman who was often unable to provide a stable income for his family. They would live in towns for a few months at a time, and just as they would begin to establish roots and connections, it was time to move again.

This transient lifestyle was just a part of the abuse that Edward dealt to his family; he was both physically and mentally abusive.

Edward was known to have an uncontrollable temper, and an attitude that he could do or get away with anything he wanted. This led him to end up on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List for his part in committing a bank robbery. He was eventually caught and was sentenced to 16 years in a federal prison. During his time there, he became an advocate for prison reform and wrote a book titled “Metamorphosis of a Criminal”.