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Barbara Mackle

In the early hours of December 17, 1968, the Mackle family received devastating news about the kidnapping of 20 year old Barbara Mackle. While Jane Mackle visited Barbara Mackle at Emory University, the pair decided to stay at a nearby motel in Atlanta while Barbara recovered from Hong Kung flu. This is where a man who identified himself as a detective to get access into the motel room. This man and another individual tied up Jane Mackle and quickly took off with Barbara.

The kidnappers demanded for Barbara to remain silent as they drove her northeast of Atlanta. Finally, Barbara was allowed out from the vehicle where she came face-to-face with pre-dug hole and coffin which she was ordered to enter. Barbara pleaded with her kidnappers, but she was told if she cooperated, she would live. After being placed inside the coffin, a polaroid photo was taken of Barbara before the top was screwed on and dirt was shoveled on top of her. Barbara Mackle was now 18 i