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Brian Shaffer's Disappearance

Lindsey discusses Brian Shaffer's disappearance from the Ugly Tuna Saloona on April 1st, 2006. It certainly could have been the most elaborate April fools day pranks ever pulled off, but it wasn't a joke. In a 5-minute window, Brian eluded all security cameras and vanished from the bar. Brian has remained a missing person for 14 years now. Shortly before Brian disappeared, his mother had lost her battle against cancer. This has caused for the possible theory that Brian was overcome with grief and committed suicide or made the decision to start a new life elsewhere. However, Brian was a medical student at Ohio State University after graduating with a degree in microbiology.

Here is a picture of Brian and his parents, Renee and Randy Shaffer.

After a grueling week of exams and late night studying - Brian and friend, William "Clint" Florence went bar hopping on Friday, March 31, 2006. The pair started at the Ugly Tuna around 9pm. The Ugly Tuna is located on the second story of the South Campus Gateway Complex just slightly south of the OSU campus. The ba