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Gary Bowles, the 'I-95 Killer'

This weeks episode featured Lindsey discussing the horrific crimes Gary Bowles. The topic for this week was murder in your birth month/year. This could have been nearly any crime that took place in 1994 or in any other year as long as it was in November since Lindsey's case was based on her birthday.

Gary Bowles most likely would have never been caught for his crimes as the I-95 killer if he hadn't committed another murder under a false identity. He had previously been accused of being the killer but had managed to convince people his name was actually Timothy Whitfield and only bore a striking resemblance to the I-95 killer. Which honestly was quite baffling to Lindsey - how does a murderer fool police like this?

Gary attempted to blame his rough childhood as he grew up with a neglectful mother and a slew of abusive stepfathers. He left home at 14 after an altercation occurred between Gary and his stepfather which nearly ended in the older mans death at the hands of a young Bowles. This is when he got into sex work to support himself, however it was kept a secret from everyone else in Gary's life, including girlfriends. Luminol Cocktail doesn't shame sex work as a profession, but we do think if it is your profession and you aren't being safe, you should disclose that information to your partner. Gary did not and when his pregnant girlfriend found out she skipped town and allegedly aborted the baby.

Gary blames this event for his hatred of homosexuals which ultimately catapulted his killing spree. Lindsey personally believes that Gary was just a violent person