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House of Prayer Cult

Back in the 1980s, Anna Young opened the doors of the House of Prayer for All People which was intended to be a safe place for “people who committed wrongdoings and to change their lives around,” Fluker said. The House of Prayer became a second chance for many people with nearly two dozen members joining including children who attended ‘Mother Anna’s’ religious boarding school.

With the admiration of the people as they looked to her as the voice of God, Young became corrupted. Anna Young began punishing people for their sins according to her own beliefs. Young tortured and abused the members of House of Prayer by starving, caging, and whipping them.

In 1985, 8-year-old John Neal went to the hospital due to a skin infection that resulted in a child abuse investigation. The doctor who previously treated John Neal’s sister, Katonya, noticed scars on his body as well as part of his ear missing. Though the allegations of abuse led investigators to the house, they did not see John Neal and once again, no charges took place.