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Krystian Bala Is Not Special

A group of friends fishing off of the Oder River discovered a dead body on a December day in 2000. A noose had been tied around the victim’s neck which had at one point had been attached to the rope that bound his hands behind his back. This type of bondage was excruciating, and the slightest wiggle would have caused the noose to tighten. Additionally, a pathologist determined the victim had no food in his intestines, indicating that he had been starved before being killed. It was apparent that the man found had been murdered, though police had no clue who he was at first.

It would take investigators nearly 4 weeks before identifying the man as Dariusz Janiszewski. He was a 35-year-old business who had lived in the city of Wroclaw (60 miles away from where he was found). Darius had last been seen on November 13th when leaving his small advertising firm. Sadly, the investigation was dropped after 6 months because of “an inability to find the perpetrator or perpetra