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Lonnie Kocontes

Lonnie Kocontes and Micki Kanesaki had a tumultuous relationship; they met in the early 90’s in California, where Lonnie was a lawyer and Micki was a paralegal. Eventually their relationship fizzled, and they ended up getting a divorce after several years of marriage. They remained amicable in their separation for the most part, and even continued living in the same house that they owned together.

Lonnie and Micki’s relationship became more complex when Lonnie met and began dating Amy Nguyen. Lonnie and Amy had a whirlwind romance, but things did not go as smoothly as they would have hoped for. Lonnie and Micki were still living in the same house, and Lonnie wanted it for himself-and if it was going to be sold, he wanted the majority of the profit. Micki and Lonnie fought frequently about this; he either wanted her out of the house, or for them to sell it under terms that Micki wouldn’t agree with. After months of arguing about this, something changed between the two of them.