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Get to Know Your Luminol Cocktail Hosts!

With an obsession of true crime we decided why not take our private discussions to the public! So get to know us before you get to know the stories we will share on the podcast. Below is the perfect explanation of how Tiffany and Lindsey first started their friendship. Most friendships got to stem from some kind of common interest (theirs just happens to involve talking about missing people and dismembered bodies while sipping on wine). Aren't friends the best?!


I am a veterinary technician, who loves a good story with lots of details. I was raised in a very sheltered style, which honestly made me more interested in finding out about all the things the grown ups were trying to keep hidden from me! I've always been very interested in the smaller details of a story, and how they contribute to the bigger picture of why terrible things happen sometimes. Outside of true crime, I love reading and being outdoors-bonus points if I can do those things with my dog(read: child) Zed.


I'm a graduate student majoring in psychology/counseling. For as long as I can remember I've been interested in true crime! This obsession probably is a result of my aunt letting me watch true crime movies with her whenever I'd spend the night. I grew up watching movies like Seven, Copycat, and Silence of the Lambs among countless others which has led my adult self to fall down this rabbit hole of true crime. Beyond the true crime, I'm a dog mom, a scorpio, a whiskey lover, horror movie fan and can often be found browsing the online selection of Lush products.