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Precious Jane Doe

Everett is the largest city in the county of Snohomish, Washington. In 1977 it was just a growing distant suburb of the Seattle metropolitan area; It was pretty quiet, as most of these towns always are before they get rocked with something terrible. On August 14th, two people were walking in the woods near Mariner High School, and discovered a deceased body.

The victim had no identification, and only had a pack of cigarettes, spare change, and an empty plastic bag in her pockets. Police would quickly come up with a lead suspect, David Martin Roth. He was arrested on marijuana charges the day before Jane Doe was discovered; the minute he was released from jail, in spite of the fact that the police still held his car and gun, he confessed the details of murdering a hitchhiker to a friend. That friend would eventually turn him in to police, who planned to question him when he returned to court for sentencing on his drug charges.