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Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann

Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann grew up in different types of households, but both had relatively normal childhoods, up until their teenage years. It was in their teen years that they took drastically different paths. Rachel became more loud and outspoken, and moved out of her family’s house at a young age. Sarah became more interested in veterinary medicine, and began taking courses at a local school to get on a fast track to be a veterinarian.

The thing that both of these girls had in common was their mutual boyfriend, Joshua Camacho.

Of course, neither of the girls knew that their boyfriend was still actively seeing someone else, and when they found out, neither was happy.

Rachel took to Myspace to vent about how she deserved better, to which Sarah responded, asking her if she thought she could find better than Joshua. This was the first move in an all out war between these two girls. The fight between them took place largely online, via social media. It was fueled by Joshua, telling the girls that if they loved him, they’d fight for him; neither would be the first to give up.