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Robert and Stephen Spahalski

Robert and Stephen Spahalski were twin brothers who had, as twins do, an extremely close bond with each other; from their childhood, they always seemed to know what the other was doing, where the other was, and what the other was thinking.

These twins were raised in New York State in the 60s, during the time of the Boston Strangler, and Zodiac Killer, and John Wayne Gacy, in the golden age of serial killers, when every few months another prolific killer was being caught. Robert and Stephen grew up with a choice; become true crime lovers like the rest of us, or, they could become that which they were reading about.

In 1971, in Elmira New York, Stephen made the first kill, and the only one he would contribute to the body count. Decades later, Robert would follow in his brother's footsteps, only in a much bigger way.