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Scream Copycats

The Scream franchise has acquired a fan cult basis since it's initial premiere in 1996. Due to its meta concept of a slasher terrorizing a town and listing the rules of how to survive a horror movie (don't have sex) it's worthy of at least one watch! However, many attacks and murders have been chalked up to be a copycat of the movies slasher hidden beneath a black tunic and Ghostface mask.

The Scream murder in 1998 may be the most copycat type of attack and murder as 16 year old Mario Padilla and his 14 year old cousin attacked Padilla's mother, Gone Castillo. The boys later explained they killed Gina because she grounded Padilla and forced him to take out the trash. Gina Castillo was stabbed 47 times resulting in Mario Padilla to be sentenced to life in prison while his cousin was sentenced to 25 years.