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Shania Gray

Shania Gray was only 14 years old when a father of a child she babysat assaulted her of 4 separate occasions in 2010. By springtime in 2011, Shania and her mother, Sherry, report these assaults to authorities which results in Franklin Davis' arrest. Shania switches schools to get a fresh start after a grueling spring and summer dealing with legalities following her assaults.

Due to Shania's switch in schools, her friend group was increasing and not all of her virtual friends were people she had actually met in person. One person in particular was a boy named D. Shania and D talked endlessly and Shania shared much of her personal life with this young boy as she developed a crush on D. However, D was not who he claimed to be. In fact, D was actually Franklin Davis.

One afternoon after switching schools, Sherry arrives at the school to pick up Shania. Sadly, Shania never makes it to the car. She had made plans with D to briefly meet him after school and was abducted by Franklin Davis. Upon Shania's disappearance, her parents contact authorities and quickly focus of suspects falls on Franklin Davis.

Lindsey goes more in depth on the investigation, but eventually Franklin Davis is charged with the murder of Shania Gray. Davis says he took Shania's life because she ruined his. Davis was found guilty and sentences to death in Texas and as of 2016, his appeal had been denied. You can hear more about this case in the episode, Apex Predator.