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Stella Nickell

Stella Nickell watched the news coverage about Susan Snow's death. Susan was rushed to the hospital when she was found collapsed inside her home by her teenage daughter. During the autopsy on Susan Snow, the assistance medical examiner, Janet Miller, detected the scent of bitter almonds. This is an odor which has been connected to cyanide. Of course, when tests were done, it came back conclusive that Susan Snow died from acute cyanide poisoning.

After this, Bristol-Myers, released a publicized recall of all Execrin products in the Seattle area. Additionally, a group of drug companies offered a reward for the capture of the culprit.

With this information, Still Nickell, went to authorities to explain of her husband's recent passing as well. Bruce Nickell died during a seizure which occurred after he had taken Excedrin capsules. Test were done on both Bruce's blood and the bottles of Excedrin which confirmed the presence of cyanide.

At this point, all suspicion was being directed at Bristol-Myers with wonderful death suits being filed against the company. FDA inspected the Morrisville, North Carolina plant where the tainted bottles of had been packages, but no traces of cyanide were discovered. This had authorities questioning their investigation and decided it only made sense for the them to focus on those using the products. Listen to the newest episode Pick Your Poison and hear mo