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The Reading Baby Farmer

Amelia Dyer was born the youngest of 5 in 1838 in the small village of Pyle Marsh, just east of Bristol, which is 120 miles from London. Her father was a master shoemaker and in her younger years, Amelia quickly developed a love of literature and poetry. However, her childhood was filled with difficult times due to her mother's mental illness caused by the side effects of typhus. Amelia witnessed much of her mother's violent fits and often stood on the receiving end of her mother's vicious beatings while young Amelia felt obligated to care for her ill parent. Her mother pass in 1848 when Amelia was 10 years old.

Amelia Dyer

After her mother's passing, Amelia lived with an aunt in Bristol and eventually found works as a corset maker. Amelia Married an older gentleman named, George Thomas, who was 59 years old - a whopping 35 years older than Amelia! The pair lied about their ages on their marriage certificate which has caused some confusion about their lives, especially Amelia's, as their fabricated age was believed factual.