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Whacked Him

For our shot episode, Lindsey and Tiffany talk about Carole Baskin's involvement in Don Lewis' disappearance. We watch the commercial that Don's family made and had aired during Carole's debut performance on Dancing with the Stars. Lindsey would like to know if we can even call Carole Baskin a star? Regardless, the two dive into the world of exotic pet owning, trips to sanctuaries and rescues and ultimately what the ladies of Luminol Cocktail think happened to Don Lewis!

For starters, Lindsey and Tiffany cannot believe this investigation hasn't led to Carole sooner. Luminol Cocktail cannot fathom it actually! When a spouse waits little to no time to have a death certificate verified that's a major red flag for pretty obvious reasons. It's another red flag when there is the involvement of big cats being easily accessible by said spouse. What's to make us believe that Carole hadn't fed Don to one of her many tigers?

However, this led into another conversation where Lindsey and Tiffany talk their times visiting these types of establishments. Tiffany admits that she most likely visited Joe Exotic's zoo in Oklahoma while at church camp. Really makes Lindsey question this church and their activities!